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LV-2114 Olaine



Latvian Team:



    Our school is situated in the central part of Latvia, just 22km away from the capital of Latvia - Riga. The history of Olaine is closely connected to a nearby peat bog that was first taken into use in 1940. In fifties and sixties of the 20th century four new factories were built in Olaine and new workers from post Soviet Union countries were brought into the city.

    There are two secondary schools- one Latvian, one Russian, a college, three state and one private kindergarten in our town.

    Olaine Secondary School No1 has joined Eco programme just in 2012 but we have already done a lot in this field. For a half year work we have received a National reward – Green Diploma. The aim of this year is to gain a Green Flag.

    Latvian educational system provides diffent themes related to environmental issues almost in all school subjects from form 1 to form 12. Students from form 1 - 6 study science as one subject but in form 7 and 8 they start studying Biology, Chemistry and Physics as separate subjects.

    Olaine is a chemical city but we are proud that we live in a green and cleaned up environment. Our school has got spacious and light classrooms, everywhere there are a lot of green plants.

    In the future together with parents we are planning to create a Green class, that will be situated in our school.

    As we mentioned before, the city was built nearby to a peat bog and it is surrounded by a spacious moorland. Despite this fact there are several parks, including an active recreation park Mežaparks, which was created 3 years ago.

    Our students take an active part in collecting waste paper and used batteries. We take part in different environmental actions, in a Cleanup Day, different sport activieties, in a European programme „School Fruit”